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Available Now!

Fifteen flavors of the apocalypse, from demons to dragons and every ghastly ghoulie in between! With the fall of man comes the rise of what dwells in shadow, the world now a dark and uncharted territory.

Here be monsters.

Apocalyptic Monsters is a curated collaboration of some of the most exciting and varied authors exploring speculative fiction today.

Our First Contest!

There is no fee to enter. All entries whether they place or not will be considered for publication.

1st place: $100 via Paypal
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2nd Place $50 via Paypal
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Working Title: Nemesis

Premise: Sometimes great loves begin with great fury. These are such tales of passion and partnership that ignite somewhere closer to hate.  Warriors on opposite ends of a battlefield align to oppose a greater evil. Sworn enemies become bound brothers for the greater good. Whatever it is that puts them at odds, it's no match to the power of what binds them together.​

Preference will be given to #OwnVoices, female authors, LGBTQA+ stories, but all are welcome to submit!

Encouraged Tropes

Enemies to Lovers

Foe Romance Subtext (But skip the sub and make it TEXT!)

Belligerent Sexual Tension

The Only One Allowed to Defeat You

Pairing Examples



Batman/Joker (In fanfiction LOL)

The Doctor/ The Master

Riddick/Fry (Pitch Black)

Length Accepted:

1000+ Short fiction


Eligibility: Open to all. No Reprints. No simultaneous submissions.

Multiple Submissions: yes

In Development

Members Area – This will be a unique space with articles on craft, workshops, and networking opportunities. It will also be a space where members can weigh in on what we put our literary efforts into next.

Currently membership is OPEN to all authors while we build this community.

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